Many Have Naught But The Semblance Of A Heart


Like 2 weeks left of school for me, leaving a week early. So I have to write a speech, make a math game and read my book and write a book report on it.

Not too much to report, I got Urban Terror recently, it's a sweet game. You basically run around on a teak shooting other people...

It's my birthday tomorrow, so yay. I don't really care what I get, I just wanna be 14.

Woah, technically 30 minutes till I'm 14...

Love you Allison....
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Holy shit, I found some terrifying PSA's today, including one warning of the dangers of homosexuals, an anti-suicide-bombing PSA, and a collection of work-related accident PSAs. Here's the site:

My favorite:How fucking high do you have to be to make an ANTI EFFING SUICIDE BOMBING PSA??????????????????????????? As mentioned on the site, it's scary that a pro-bombing PSA would look basically the same.

Also, a lady frying her face off: Really fucking disturbing. Keep in mind these are REAL.

Holy shit.
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I can't imagine insomnia.

I got no sleep last night. I am not exaggerating, I did not sleep last night. I haven't gotten a good night's sleep in a while, and it's starting to worry me, because whenever that happens, it usually means there's some trouble in my subconscious. I think I know what it is, but I feel really dumb saying it, but here goes. I really want to ask Allison out today, maybe go downtown on Friday with her. But, I 1) don't know if she'll be able to because she'll be at her dad's house, and 2) I don't know how to really say it. It sounds simple enough, but my mind complicates things, it's torture in my mind. Do I casualy say it? Do I say we meet at a starbucks, at the Holiday? Jaesus, I bet there's some school related cause to my sleeplessness as well. We have a test in math, a huge project due in spanish tomorrow, a MASSIVE test in reading today, as well as a huge project due yesterday in writing, and my Band grade is not so good. But after a long day, the same day where my first tought was "Shit.", and after track, after finishing spanish homework, I really have NO energy left. 
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Holy Ship.

I have tourettes in my head today. I am seriously losing it.This substitute for History doesn't know what the funk she's doing. "The fa...fa...fa...fascist? party." YOU ARE SUBBING FOR HiSTORY, AND YOU CAN'T PRONOUNCE FASCIST! And, she prowled around the desks like the raptors from jurassic park!!! To top it off, her name is Mrs. Haavik. So, her name is Havoc, basically? That's effed up. Maybe I just say this because when I woke up today, I just said "Damn, it's gonna suck today." WILLY, SHUT THE FUCK UP! He keeps making frickin war sounds, as if he thinks he's on the a history class, and he's in 8th grade, and he ALWAYS smells like shit. Ugh. That describes my day, ugh.
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Another name to cross off my list.

JAESUS I'm tired. I went to Regionals for NHD on saturday, which was fun. I got Honorable Mention, which is great for me. That way I get a cool ribbon and I don't have to interact with the judges at State. 

Oh yeah, I can accompany people to the State competition, I forgot to mention.

We watched 300 on my friends portable DVD player. It was great, and it inspired us...

[Transcript of Award Ceremony]
Holy Rosary! *Polite Applause*

Woodland! *Scattered Applause*

Washburn Edison!

*AWHOOT!!!!!!!! AWHOOT!!!!!!!!!

Hell yes. I don't give a shit if we didn't win much, we were the most badass, black-ass school there.

Whorly Rosary won 7/8 of the awards, just because the judges are afraid of God's wrath.... Seeing them defined white, it was frickin' scary.

Strawberry juice is very sticky. Especially when it spills out of a Rubbermaid, out of you lunchbox and all over your sh**. On my pants, my bag, my Coke, my soul. But it tasted great!

Anyway, today was really long. I sat in a chair, read, did homework, read, read, read, organized, read, AND THERES STILL 7 FUCKING HOURS LEFT OF SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeahhhhhhh, lately I've been having mental tourettes. I get frustrated, my left-brain just yells COCKING SHIT, and my right brain screams DON'T SAY IT, FUCKNUT!!!!!!!!!!

Luckily, I didn't scream it, so all is well. Tomorrow is a newday, and i can only imagine it as a better one. Mondays just suck.

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Productivity Children!

Yay, I got some stuff done today. I practiced my trumpet, finished my process paper and annotated bibliography for NHD, formatted the vocabulary words on my reading class' website, AND read to my deadline for Of Mice and Men! Yay, I can finally relax for a bit. 

Crap, I still have my book report to worry about!

*Stress knots return to my back*
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Let's Talk About Politics

I have to do this, I mean I'm watching the Democratic Debate!

Lets start off here: Hukabee sucks.

If I could vote, I would vote for Barak Obama. First off, he takes NO money from lobbyists, special interest groups or the healthcare, oil or weapons industries. I think this is important because currently the lobbyists are controlling washington. I also agree with his stance on diplomacy, that if they project the thought that a presidential visit is a privilege, then that is just enforcing the stereotype that Amerrica is superior. Another display of Obama's anti-lobbying stance, he wishes to stop taxbreaks for companies shipping jobs overseas, like the oil industry.

Also, he seems very able to unite black, white, hispanic and every other race group under himself. This may be because of his zero-tolerence stance on discrimination. This is reflected by his immigration standpoint. He claims that hate crimes have skyrocketed in the wake of the immigration crisis. He also wants to improve relations between the U.S and Mexico. This could dramatically reduce the amount of illegal immigrants through engaging in trade with Mexico and create jobs there.

But Hilary has some of the same policies. Why I don't like Hilary is mainly:

1. Her campaign is funded by lobbyists.

2. A while ago, she brought up the idea of universal healthcare, and she persisted on it. But, she accepted a big fat check from the healthcare industry to keep quiet. She was bribed!

3. Her smug complexion whenever she finishes saying something and looks at Obama, it just annoys me. 

4. She seems to speak about what she thinks, as opposed to Obama when he speaks about what the democratic party as a whole thinks. I think this state of mind is what helps him unite others, his attitude of cooperation is infectious.

So those are my thoughts on Obama and Hilary. If you disagree, just comment and I'd be happy to debate with you.

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1 for my headaches, 2 for the road, 3 for my family and 4 for the show

I saw Charlie Bartlett online, and it was an O.K movie. Basically a kid gets kicked out of private schools all the time, so he goes to a public school. He starts selling perscription drugs for kids' problems. Anti-depressants, ritalin, the like. He becomes popular, stops selling drugs, gets a girlfrind, movie basically ends. There were a couple good parts, but it was a lot of kinda annoying teen angst. The character development is fair, but a little too obvious. It's like the writers are taking the script and hitting you over the head with it. The acting was fair but they were no Tom Hanks. There are about 4-5 truly funny parts, other than that it's drama.

Anyway the answer to yesterday's math problem was x=-0.0717 (i think)

I'm gonna try one of thee "Writer's Block" idea things, to make my posts more meaningful.

You crash your friend's car because you're driving too fast in bad weather. Everyone's okay, but the car has to go into the shop. Do you pay the deductible?

Hell yes! If I wreck my friends non-existent car, hell ya. But, if s/he is filthy rich and I'm dirt poor, no. It also depends on the damage. Say their $50,000 caddilac (sp?) car goes off a dirt jump and crashes into a children's hospital because some dumba** tried to recreate the scene from the worst movie on earth. You know what movie. Anyway, if that happened, no I won't pay it, because I wouldn't be inn the car because I have COMMON SENSE.

That was actually fun, let's do another...

List three things you'd buy with your last $20. One practical, one frivolous and one of your choosing.

Ohh, fun one. How about this, you can guess which is practical and frivilous. 

I would buy the largest amount of food possible with 20$. Or, I would buy tons of fabric and an axe. Or, I would buy stock and hope that it goes up.

Now, figure out which is practical and frivious!

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